Our humble beginnings

My children attended a local #Montessori school and were about to age out. There weren’t any #UpperElementary schools in #Nashville that had the same #diversity and #cultural environment that their old school had. So, I took a leap of #faith and decided to go back to school for my Masters degree in #Education and simultaneously pursued (and got!) dual #AmericanMontessoriSociety certified in Upper and #LowerElementary Montessori education. We bought this beautiful building and immediately began renovations. It was a family affair and everyone worked on it, even the kids! In addition to the renovation, my own education, and my practicum year, I was still actively working in Real Estate.Somehow through it all, I managed to get all A’s and still close deals to finance everything while keeping a smile on my face!This is what Faith in Action looks like to me. What does it look like to you?

As our first day of school (and my finals and culminating project)drew near, we all had to really dig in and use our deepest reserves of perseverance and commitment..Hubby became the foreman and made sure the building was up and ready in time. The girls and I were breaking out and setting up our #Montessori materials. I began designing curriculum. .Even though we were technically #homeschooling, I wanted the classroom to be a true Montessori #PreparedEnvironment , peaceful, beautiful, and inspiring. .I bought what I could afford, and we made the rest with our hands. Including the shelves!!.It was a long road, but our doors opened on time and it was WONDERFUL ๐Ÿ’š

The children had many memorable firsts that year! In addition to all of our regular studies they also had many enrichment experiences like, planning, shopping for and cooking their own meals, Guitar with underground music great #GeorgesSulmers, Yoga with #IamReneeWatkins , Story Telling and the craft of the #griot with Jacquelyn Grace, Finance and Money Management with Courtney Hale of the @KnowledgeBankNashvillle, Theater at @TennesseePAC, #Art with @BySunShyne , Urban Ecology with @GROWenrichment and for our winter #intercession we flew to ST. Thomas #Jamaica and stayed at the @SourceFarmEcovillage to further our textile and #permaculture studies!!It was an AMAZING first year!! We learned and we grew TOGETHER as #PartnersInDiscovery.

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